Kamis, 18 Januari 2018



Who is he? Let me tell you, guys. I have known him since Magha Puja 2017. The first time I knew him, I didn't expect I can be that crazy in the next time. I mean, just can get into jokes together, really at least think it just a joke and enjoy it, which I mean "gak baperan". We never got into conversation, I mean serious conversation, never got into chatting or something about that. I also don't know much about him. 

But, when I said "Happy New Year 2018" to him, he replied, "Hope our relationship will be more amazing". So, I just reply "Hope we will be crazier again". He replied, "Could we be more than this?" Do you know? I didn't know what should I replied back, so I just texted "We have been crazy, how can be crazier than this again?" And he replied, "Don't pretend you don't know it". At that time, I just really didn't know. I'm afraid I will expect things that will not happen.

And just like that, the conversation went, nothing more. On 2018, January 13rd you asked me to go out with you on 14th February 2018. Heh, If I can ask you, I will ask, "It's a Valentine day! Why do you choose that day?" Of course, I can't ask it, too weird to be asked for. But, It's still almost a month and you already tell me now. Lol. 

I don't know we are just friend or we will be more than a friend. But, let this flow. Something that you must know, although at least if we are not more than a friend, I hope we can still be like this. :)) No need chatting, no need conversation, but won't be awkward when meeting up! To be honest, I'm afraid if after go out, something will change and create a large space between us. I'm just afraid.

Jumat, 05 Januari 2018



Today is Friday, and it's almost midnight. But, here I am. My mind just full of random thought. I haven't done my assignment yet. And know what? I will have a final exam on Monday! I haven't studied yet. Oh God, I'm so so empty. For someone there, you haven't replied my message yet for almost 5 days, but you can saw my story on Instagram. Until now, I still hope that we can go back to the time when everything seems okay. And I'm still finding the answer why everything became wrong, but how can I know the answer if you didn't want to tell me?

Recently, my mind is full of you. Yes. You won't know this, right? I still always ask myself, WHY? WHY? WHY? Oh my God, how will my exam result be? Please, I need. I don't know what I need the most for this time. Self-motivation, how can I achieve it for this time? For someone there, I hope I can spam you when you're not replying, but I just can't. Because I'm too afraid that I will annoy you. I hope you will get away from my mind for this 2 weeks because I have exams, I can't always ruin my mood just because always thinking about our unseen problem.

What I think is, do you get close to anyone right now? Is it the reason you walk away? Or what? I don't know what to say again, and I really don't know what to do again. "We are just strangers with some memories".  Do we fit this quote right now? By the way, I just get addicted to "田馥甄- 小幸運" song, because every time I heard it, It just reminds me of you. I always fall in love with someone at the wrong time. The time is just never right for me. So deep.

Minggu, 31 Desember 2017



Hi, everybody! This year, I spend old and new with my lovely assignment. Yes, the assignment is everywhere and I will have the exam next week. I'm wondering about my score.

Even, after more than a week without chatting, you're still the first person that I want to send "Happy New Year" message. But the connection makes the sticker delivery at 00.00, but the message just delivery at 00.02. And you also send me a text "Be the better version of yourself this new year. Fall, learn, carry on, repeat. Happy new year." and it's delivery at 00.00. I don't know you just reply my message or if I don't text you, will you say a happy new year to me? I think too much, right? Sorry for making everything seems more complicated. And just that, I reply with a sticker, and until now, 00.43 a.m. you do not reply again. Maybe yes, we are just supposed to be like this, only like this. To be honest, it ruins my mood, my new year mood.

Happy New Year 2018! I will try to not expect things that can't work out, especially you. Thanks for the memories. If it means to be, it will be. See you when I see you again.

Senin, 25 Desember 2017


Merry Christmas 2017

Today is Christmas day. This year I just feel empty, actually not really but I just stayed at home. But fortunately, there's someone that accompany me to chatting, just friend and he's so crazy so can make me at least laugh. Thank you! As always, I have nothing to say, but remember my last post? About someone? Now, I just feel I hate him. I just feel I was so stupid. But, okay just forget it. I can learn anything from there like everyone is unique and have a different personality. Today, thanks to WL to already accept my Instagram request and I'm so sorry for blocked you, it was a misunderstanding! Sorry, I can't say sorry directly for you. Although I know you won't read this, right? Hehehe. Once again, Merry Christmas everyone!

Oh, I almost forget, this year, that crazy kid that I told you above becomes my Santa! HAHAHA. He promises will give me a present if I can get IP above 3.5. Okay, let's see the result!

Rabu, 20 Desember 2017


Just Smile Because It Happened

It's been a while since the last time I post something here. And today I want to share my feeling here. I'm neither good at explaining my feeling nor expressing it, and to be honest I'm not that person that will open to share about all of my feelings, but sometimes you need to say out what irritates you, right? And I hope I will freely share about what I feel here, maybe no acquaintance will notice this.

To someone who walks into my life for a very short period of time and success to make my heart beats a little faster than usual everytime I read his message. I don't know you should know this or not. I think you don't need to know this, so I write here without telling anything to you because maybe it's just a few memories that mean nothing to you. But suppose what? If it's just a game, then you have WON. Congratulations! 

I don't know what should I write here. Suddenly you just come and I never expected you will, and sadly to say, I never expected it will end like this too. We are over now but what to say? Even we never begin with the word "us". You know until I write this, I still miss that time when you will find me just because I didn't reply in any minutes, but now? Even you can reply after a day. It's funny, right? To be honest, I don't know what's wrong with me, what's wrong with us and its suck. When I asked, you just said that everything is okay, nothing's wrong. But, you're lying, something is wrong and you just don't want to share it with me. I still miss that short time chat session where I can smile automatically. I miss your call and your video call. Heh, but we are just friend, no more than it, right?

I have been to confuse to think about this problem, and I think I should end this, maybe the best way is stop. Yes, just stop it. Stop to continue that message that you will reply after a long period of time, I feel I'm stupid now. Sorry, I can't be friend with this situation. I don't even know what are you thinking, feeling or whatever about you. All of that is not important now, just go. And if we will meet again, maybe we can start to befriend again, purely to befriend. 

Thanks for coming for this very short period of time, just almost a months. I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe at least this will teach me something and I will learn something from this. Goodbye and thanks for everything that ever happened.

Selasa, 14 November 2017



Haiii, guysss. Gw mau ceritain penngalaman baru nihhh, yappp hiking ke Gunung Sibayak. Sebenarnya aku itu takut ketinggian, sebelum pergi sempat ragu juga sih karena mikirin samping-sampingnya kalau ada jurang gimana, hehehe alay yak. Btw, thanks to Williandy yang udah ngajak, ya! Although you beneran ngeselin banget, tau gak sih? Ngajak tapi sampai disana macam orang gak kenal, senyum pun gak, apalagi nyapa, btw you won't read this, right? LOL.

Jadi, berangkat lah kami ke Gunung Sibayak pada hari Sabtu, tanggal 11 November 2017. Dari Medan otw nya ja, 6 gitu sih, dengan menggunakan bus, tapi ada juga yang pergi sendiri dengan mobil, yang naik mobil ada 7 orang cowok, termasuk Williandy di dalamnya. Nah, yang naik bus ada 8 cewek dan 7 cowok, jadi total yang naik bus 15 orang. Sekitar jam 9 gitu di perjalanan ada berhenti untuk makan, trus numpang toilet ke Indom*r*t. 

Gak banyak yang terjadi di selama di perjalanan, karena banyak yang gak dikenal juga, jadi awkward. Trus, sejujurnya aku emosi sih karena duduk di paling belakang, ada suara berdegung gitu deh dan ketika gw mau nyandar untuk tidur gak bisa, kepala ku pusing, hmmm gw pikir mood ku sampai sana pasti berantakan, but actually not really kok. Nahh, cowok yang gw kenal sebelum ke sana cuma Williandy sama William guyss.

Kita samapi ke tempat parkir bus nya kira-kira jam 12 lewat sih guyss, yaa udah tengah malam yaa. Trus kita jalan untuk sampai ke pos satu. Setelah sampai mereka duduk-duduk dulu sih, ada yang pesan kopi gitu dulu. Trus selanjutnya kita mulai nih mendaki, nahhh adrenalin mulai bekerja. Kalau pergi jangan lupa bawa senter yaa, untuk mempermudah hikingnya. LOL. Tidak terlalu mengerikan kok, cuma perlu hati-hati dan jangan main-main doang waktu mendaki trus jangan pisah dari kelompok yaa!

Kira-kira jam 2 lewat gitu kita sampai deh ke tempat untuk mendirikan tenda. Wuahhh udara dinginnya terasa juga sih, trus ada yang dirikan tenda, ada yang buat api ungun yang ntah berapa kali baru nyalaa, trus masak air untuk buat Pop Mie. Btw, thanks William for the Pop Mie. WKWKWK. Itu air yang dimasak kayaknya bercampur dengan air hujan, tapi yaa anggap aja bersatu dengan alam. Malam itu aku gak tidur sama sekali guyss, setengah jam juga tidak, tapi untungnya tidak ngantuk sih. 

Jam 5 pagi gitu mereka ribut-ribut diluar tenda untuk foto-foto yakan, nahh ketika aku keluar, tidak tau apakah itu embun atau memang hujan gerimis, tapi rambutku langsung basah dan macam mandi hujan itu rambut. Mungkin embun soalnya baju tidak basah segitunya sih. Dan kabutnya tebal kalii coyy, trus dinginnya minta ampun guysss, menggigil dan untung aku bawa jaket walau masih gak mempan. Gara-gara rambut yang basah banget ini, aku jadi males foto-foto dan alhasil foto ku yang satu orang cuma 1 lembar. Sekitar jam 7 pagi gitu kita ada naik ke paling atas gunung itu, walau belum sampai puncaknya sih. Nahh waktu jam 9 gitu kita turun deh dari gunung itu. Turunnya aku terpeleset atau hampir terpeleset 3x gitu kayaknya, lebih ngeri kayaknya. I'll go to there again someday, tapi gak mau dalam waktu dekat deh, capek coeyy wkwk.

Nahhh ini foto-foto jelekku disana (nyesal)


KATHINA KMB USU 2561 B.E./2017

Hello guys, sudah lama yaa gaa posting, yeasss i'm so busy, tapi sibuk gak jelas gitu deh, hehehe. Nahhh postingan kali ini juga udah telat kali sebenarnya, tapi gpp yaa sebagai kenangan doang. Kathina KMB0USU 2561 B.E./2017 dilaksanakan di Vihara Dharma Wijaya pada tanggal 21 Oktober 2017. Wuhuuu, kali ini tetap jadi anggota rohani dan jadi pemimpin kebaktian untuk kedua kalinya dalam acara KMB-USU. Nothing special sih dari acara ini, yasudahlah.